House Concert with Brian Hinderberger

House Concert with Brian Hinderberger

10Ten with Brian

10 songs for 10 house guests, live at your home

Do you love original acoustic music with great storytelling? Turn an average Central Oregon Monday-Thursday weeknight into a memorable experience with your neighbors, co-workers, and friends at your home with local folk-rock musician Brian Hinderberger.

All you need is a space; like a back yard, living room or garage, that comfortably seats 10-20 people. Brian Hinderberger will show up and perform 10 of his original songs. Maybe, you can order a couple pizzas and make a salad, or fire up the grill for a bring-you-own sizzle, it’s up to you how you want to enjoy the evening!

Hosts are not expected to pay for the 1-hour experience, but each guest attending are asked to make at least a $10 contribution for the music. There is a 10-person minimum for the show, excluding the host.*

After you set a date and time with Brian, you’ll get a private event invitation to share with your friends.

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* This project is limited to homes in Central Oregon at this time. Hosts are responsible for gathering the $10 payment from each house guest during the time of the house concert.

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