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In 2019 KouseFly is planning on a reunion show in Bend, Oregon.

In 2019 KouseFly is planning on a reunion show in Bend, Oregon.


It all started when…

In late Feburary 2019, Meesh James Jackson found a dusty box in his garage. Inside of it there were a stack of CDs from the band KouseFly.

He contacted former band mates, Brian Hinderberger and Chris Evans and they decided to meet up at a local brewery, Silvermoon, to catch up on old times.

The meet-up quickly reopened great memories and stories of playing in Central Oregon and the monumental endeavor of self-producing and releasing a complete album.

Amidst a smattering of rock and roll bands in the Pacific Northwest, is this trio that is lead by two vocalist/guitarist, Brian Hinderberger and Chris Evans who co-founded the project in 2006 and was backed by drummer Meshem Jackson.

Brit-Pop inspired Chris Evans, with a breathy-voiced, Madchester crossover potential and "Open-Up-Your-Mind Style" is well received, taking his audience on a journey. Intertwined in a haze of uncommon metaphors and uniquely scripted songs Chris' strong points are immediately apparent. He also outfits the band with a psychedelic style lead sections on the guitar.

Rocker Brian Hinderberger, has cultivated a folk-tinged, emotionally-charged blues rock sounds that is nothing less than inspiring and unique. Blending his Waters/Tweedy inspired vocals with the catchiest of acoustic guitar riffs and lyrics that make you feel slightly guilty enjoying. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar while playing a mean harp.

Meshem Jackson has drummed for KouseFly since spring 2009, Meshem has also performed and recorded with MakeShift from 2007 - 2009. He’s now a prized drum instructor at the Cascade School of Music while performing around town with Company Grand.

The trio is now planning a reunion show in Summer 2019 in Bend, Oregon.